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Urea/AdBlue IBC equipment 230V for vehicles


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About the product

Automatic filling of AdBlue for passenger cars! Diesel cars with the SCR system require filling with AdBlue®. To meet this demand, workshops need equipment that is fast, reliable and clean. This equipment does this filling completely automatically. The new system, which aims to meet the needs of workshops, is easy to transport and allows AdBlue® to be filled safely in the vehicle's tank. One press of the start button and the electric pump fills the car's tank. The innovative closed system prevents steam and odors from escaping and protects AdBlue® from an external contamination. The air in the car's tank is transferred back to the barrel when the car is filled. Flexible, easy to move and use. ISO universal connector has been developed to be compatible with all car tanks. The patented sensor eliminates the risk of leakage, automatically stops when the tank is full. On the digital meter, you can check the amount being filled. The entire refill is automatic. Self-cleaning sensor.

Product details
Model Equipment for IBC
For Liquids AdBlue/Urea
Equipped with On_Off_button
Intended for IBC container
Complete set Yes
Capacity free outlet 1-10 litres/min
Capacity free outlet l/min 2-11 litres/min
Voltage 230 V
Effect 400W
Power consumption 1.95 Amp
Outlet valve Automatic handle
Meter Digital
Outlet hose 3 m
Outlet hose Ø 3/4" 19 mm
Weight 24 kg
Keyword Adblue; URIBCCAR; Adblue carts; F00100B0A; URIBCCAR