Filter 10 my absolute
Diesel filter with filter housing max 65 l/min
Filter 10 my nominal
Filter 27my nominal
Suction filter with check valve IG 1"
Complete filter petrol & diesel water & dirt
Complete filter petrol & diesel - dirt particles

Complete filter petrol & diesel -...

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Filter insert for dirt filter 495
Diesel filter compl. with filter housing max 100 l/min
Filter 150l/min
AdBlue filter insert 40l/min
Filter cartridge 6 my absolute
AdBlue filter with filter housing 40l/min IG1"
Breathing filter ext. 2"
Filter housing int. 3/4"
Oil strainer IG 1" PN16
Oil filter PA-7781 25my nominal 100bar
Oil filter PA-7781 10my nominal 100bar