Germ: Your complete partner from idea to realization  

At Germ, we are aware of the importance of well-executed planning. We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the initial prospecting stage to the delivery of a bespoke workshop. Our commitment is to ensure that each project is uniquely tailored to not only meet but exceed your expectations! 


Customized solutions from the first step  

The beginning of the project is the most decisive stage, where we identify together which needs and functions are necessary for the workshop. Every project has a unique starting point. Either you as a customer already have a clear vision of what equipment is needed, or we start from a specific requirement specification that you as designers have been issued by the customer. Our role is to be responsive and flexible throughout the process. We can often suggest alternative solutions that not only optimize the flow of the workshop but also contribute to a more cost-effective operation. 

 We at Germ have your needs in focus in everything we do. Each project begins with a detailed investigation of your specific requirements. This critical phase is crucial for us to be able to deliver exactly what you expect. An extensive dialogue helps us to understand your needs in depth, which enables us to offer a tailor-made solution that is adapted to your particular business. 

 Every project is unique, with Germ's combined experience we are ready to guide you towards the optimal solution. Based on our insights and your vision, we develop a proposal that matches your expectations. 


Interactive planning  

Project planning at Germ is a dynamic and interactive process. We are fully committed to understanding your needs and ambitions as well as the specific environment for your project. We are experts in navigating through the application processes of local authorities and applying the rules and requirements relevant to your project. 


Our specialty  

We specialize in designing and building specially adapted facilities in liquid handling. From hose reels, pumps, fluid management systems, filling stations, washrooms, central lubrication to large seen everything related to the movement of media. Through a thorough understanding and analysis of your needs, we can deliver a turnkey solution that not only meets your expectations but also often exceeds them. 


Execution and delivery  

With Germ as a partner, your project is in safe hands from start to finish. We plan and carry out assembly with precision and in consultation with you, in order to establish a schedule that guarantees a quick and efficient implementation. We can also offer assembly to ensure correct installation and operation of the equipment. Together with our experienced assembly team and our assembly partners, we have the opportunity to carry out assembly all over Sweden. 

After installation, we can also offer training for your operators they receive the necessary training to effectively manage and maintain the equipment, which contributes to smoother operations. 


Our commitment  

Responsiveness and focus on the customer are at the heart of our business philosophy. We strive to deliver optimal solutions that make you as a customer more than satisfied. Our dedicated commitment to meeting your needs guarantees a long-term partnership, where you can rely on us year after year. At Germ, we are not just your designers and suppliers – we are your partners. 

  • Assembly & installation

    We carry out assembly of all our equipment throughout our long country.

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  • Specially adapted products

    Did you know that we produce products, adapted to your needs, branded with your logotype.

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    Custom products

Motorcentralen Umeå, new Audi

Installation and integration of the Lubemaster fluid management system.

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Motorcentralen Umeå, new Audi

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