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Universal grease NLGI2 MLS cartridge


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About the product

MEP-2 is a universal grease for industry and motor vehicles. MEP-2 has good properties that make it useful for everything from high-speed roller bearings to highly loaded sliding bearings in rollers and presses. MEP-2 is intended for the lubrication of wheel bearings and many other details in vehicles. The grease is thickened by a lithium soap and is mechanically stable. It has very good anti-rust properties and does not have a corrosive effect on non-ferrous metals (ie brass, bronze and babbitt) in stock.

TYPE DATA: - DIN 51502: KP 2 K-30, - ISO 6743-09: -ISO-L-XCCEB2 - Vogel, -Safematic

Penetration, worked mm/10,280
Base oil viscosity at 40°C mm2/s (cSt) 200
Dropping point °C >200

Operating temperature °C -30 to +140. Color Yellow-brown

This MLS screw cartridge is also called the Lube Shuttle

Product details
Intended for 400 g MLS screw cartridge
Quantity in package 1 pc