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Draining equipment coolant/cutting fluid

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Transportable vacuum cleaner with air-driven membrane pump intended primarily for coolant etc. but can of course be used for other liquids. The equipment consists of a 1/1 barrel cart complete with liquid suction, which sucks directly into a 200 liter barrel. The vacuum pump is mounted in the barrel's ¾" hole and the suction hose with accessories in the 2" hole. Connect compressed air and the equipment is ready to use. The suction lance must be placed below the liquid surface to get a good result. Water suction capacity approx. 90 litres/min. Input air pressure approx. 2-6 bar. There is a coarse filter, which takes care of the largest particles so that the drain pump is not damaged. When the barrel is full, the equipment is emptied with the mounted diaphragm pump, which has a capacity of approx. 70 liters/min free flow

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