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Tank heater set 2x260W 230V


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The tank heater maintains the working temperature of the hydraulic oil during short stops or during night breaks. With tank heaters that heat the hydraulic oil, the machine can start to be used more quickly, while the components of the hydraulic system wear less with preheated, low-flow oil. The tank heater is used on e.g. metal tanks for both hydraulic and diesel oil and are suitable both for heating or keeping warm during shorter stops.

- The machine can be used more quickly after starting
- Saves fuel and improves utilization rate
- Extends the life of the hydraulic system components
- Good for the environment thanks to reduced exhaust emissions

Contains two elements incl. cabling for connection to existing engine heater system.
Suitable for tank volume 70-170L

Power: 2 x 260W
Dimensions: 310 x 220mm + connection 78mm
Assembly time (in hours): ~0.8 hours
Brand Calix

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Keyword TKV200

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