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Tank heater set 260W 230V


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About the product

The tank heater maintains the working temperature of the hydraulic oil during short stops or during night breaks.

The machine can be used more quickly after starting
Saves fuel and improves efficiency
Extends the life of hydraulic system components
Good for the environment thanks to reduced exhaust emissions

Suitable for tank volume below 70L.

- 1st CX 1769100 Tank heater
- 1pc CX 1762105 Splicing cable
- 1pc CX 1762110 Splicing cable
- 1st CX 1762413 Power outlet
As well as safety caps for all joints

Nom. power: 260 W
Dimensions: 310 x 220mm + connection 78mm
Assembly time (in hours): ~0.8 hours

Product details
Intended for Universal
Keyword TKV100

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