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Pulsarlube M


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Electromechanical lubricator - Pulsarlube M - 60 bar working pressure, up to 8 lubrication points and up to 10 meters remote installation. Pulsarlube M is the basis of the second generation automatic lubricators! Consisting of a vertical feed pump and a microprocessor that allows an average operating pressure of 30 bar and with the help of the built-in back pressure sensor, the Pulsarlube M can increase the pressure up to a whopping 60 bar. It is designed to ensure reliable lubrication while reducing lubrication costs with cost-saving Service Packs. With its well-sized LCD display, the Pulsarlube M offers information on how your lubrication is working, together with the microprocessor-controlled self-priming pump, you get precise lubrication to avoid expensive downtime. This product is ideal for applications where there is a large back pressure in the lubrication line, precise lubrication is required or a disposable gas type lubricator is not economical. Pulsarlube M can be mounted directly on the lubrication point or via distance up to 10m from the lubrication point. In this way, it is easier for you to maintain your machine and also makes it easier for your technicians. Pulsarlube M can also be used to lubricate up to 8 points simultaneously, ready installation kits are available. As standard, we offer 8 different greases, but we can also create your own unique Service Pack with the grease you use.
Product details
For Liquids Fat
Model Automatic lubricator
Power source Alkaline battery, Lithium battery
Volume container 60 ml
Work pressure 30 bars
Max distance one lubrication point 10 meters
Max distance several lubrication points 6 meters / lubrication point
Max Number of Lubrication Points 8 pcs
Dispensing periods 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 months
Outlet ext. G 3/8" BSP
Working temperature Alkaline battery: -15˚C - +60˚C, Lithium battery: -40˚C - +60˚C
Certification CE
IP class IP54
Miscellaneous DC 4.5V Battery pack, LCD, Keypad, Back pressure sensor
Keyword M60/MAIN; M60 MAIN
Trademark Pulsar lube