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Pulsarlube EO

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About the product

Pulsarlube EO is a gas type oil pump with an NRV (non-return valve) that offers superior advantages in cost competitiveness, ease of installation and ease of use. Pulsarlube EO is based on the same mechanism as Pulsarlube E with an NRV that provides cost competitiveness and ease of use compared to other conventional gas oils on the market. Pulsarlube EO uses a mode selection mechanism to ensure flawless and easy operation. This product is the right choice for a cost effective, reliable and safe product for most industrial applications.
Product details
Model Automatic lubricator
For Liquids Oil
Equipped with OL1 Medium Temperature Oil
Intended for Electrochemical Lubricator
Keyword E60/OL1; E60OL1
Trademark Pulsar lube