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Diaphragm pump 1/1 barrel for diesel/petrol


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About the product

Double-acting diaphragm pump in aluminum for diesel, gasoline, acrylate gasoline and other light-flowing petroleum products. Adapted for packaging 1/4 barrel or 1/1 barrel. Antistatic outlet hose in neoprene included length 2000 mm. Telescopic suction tube 560-1016 mm. Option to lock the pump handle with a padlock is available.

Product details
For Liquids Gasoline, Diesel, Low Viscosity Liquids
More Liquids Acrylate benzine
Model Diaphragm pump
Power source Manual
Intended for 1/4-Barrel, Full Barrel
Capacity free outlet l/stroke 0.9 l/stroke
Material pump body Polypropylene
Seals Polypropylene
Pump pipe Ø 39 mm
Pump pipe length 560-1016
Outlet hose 2 m
Outlet int. NPT 3/4"
Keyword Petrol pumps; Diesel pumps; Hand pumps; DPP1; DPP1

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