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Kemp applicator 5 liters Gloria

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About the product

Kemp applicator in stainless steel for professional use. Gloria concentrate syringes withstand most agents, but not chlorine, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. Substances within the acidity range PH value < 5 as well as solvents and strongly corrosive substances must not be filled in the container.

- Container volume 5 litres
- Container in stainless steel
- Manometer
- Carrying strap
- Hand pump and compressor connection
- Oil resistant
- 1.3 m oil-resistant hose
- FPM seals (Viton)

Product details
Model Sprays
Material Stainless
Equipped with Lance Stainless
For Liquids Degreasing Petroleum
More Liquids Acids pH1-9
Volume range 0-5 liters
Volume container 5.0 L
Work pressure 2-6 bars
Hose 1.3 m
Liquid volume 5.0 L
Seals Viton®
Height 550 mm
Weight 4.35 kg
Miscellaneous Sprayer Compressed air & Manual
Keyword 141 TS