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Absorptive agent Absodan Super Fine grain


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78 pieces on a pallet.

ABSODAN SUPER PLUS is a fine-grained granule that has been developed to cope with absorption tasks where optimal suction power and the least possible waste are needed, such as in the case of chemical spills, e.g. The extremely fast acting while at the same time it can penetrate into small spaces due to the fine grain size. Grain size 0.3-0.7 mm. Optimum friction with fully saturated sorbent. ABSODAN absorbent is a natural granule of very high quality that is produced through a calcination process and extensive mechanical processing without additives. Absoda is easy and safe to use, Absoda can be used to soak up spills of e.g. oil, water, acids, organic solvents and chemicals etc. Absoda does not release absorbed liquid, it is retained inside the porous structure. Absoda maintains the friction as the calcination process means that the product remains hard even at full saturation. (Hydrofluoric acid excepted). Absoda is fast-acting and has a very good absorption capacity.

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Product details
For Liquids Chemicals, Acids, Water, Oil, Washer fluid
Oil collection capacity 10.8 l/pack
Water holding capacity 13 l/pack
Grain size 0.3-0.7 mm
Packaging Sack
Quantity in package 1 pc
Weight 10 kg/pc
Keyword ABSG10SP; Absorbents; ABSG10SP