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TODO Male IG 2" brass/PU


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About the product

Drip-free handling of liquids and gases easy to use, saves time and minimizes health risks. The operator is not exposed to liquid, steam or gases. Eliminates product loss when connecting/disconnecting, safety due to robust design.

Here's how it works:

The hose part is pushed onto the tank part and turned 15°, whereby the hose part and tank part are locked against each other. By turning the hose part a further 90°, the coupling is opened for full flow.
To close the coupling, the hose part is turned back and the hose part can be detached from the tank part without spillage.

The couplings are manufactured in several different materials:
Al = Aluminum
SS= Acid-resistant steel
Rg= Red goods

Seals are available in different qualities:
FPM = Viton (FKM)
FFKM= Perfluoroelastomer, e.g. Kalrez
Fluorosilicone for low temperatures
NBR = Nitrile rubber
EPDM = Ethylene propylene rubber etc

Product details
Model TODO
Material Brass
Keyword TDMH-2; TDMH2