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Spillvac W200 Maintenance-free Wet Vacuum


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About the product

Professional wet vacuum with bottom emptying. Maintenance-free and complete with 200 liter barrel and trolley. Designed to fit workshops, oil rigs and ships. The barrel has a powder-coated exterior and an epoxy-treated interior. Capable of sucking up particles 20mm.

- Venturi pump that creates a vacuum in the container
- Overfill protection
- On/off valve with hose nipple
- 4 meters 1/2" compressed air hose
- 2" camlock barrel connection for 38mm hose
- Vacuum hose 2 mx 38 mm
- 38 mm hose end piece for suction lance
- 3 part chrome suction lance
- Floor nozzle with rubber scraper
- 200 liter barrel, reinforced with barrel belt
- 1" bottom drain with valve
- Trolley with 2 fixed and 2 articulated lockable wheels
Product details
For Liquids Diesel, Glycol, Oil, Waste oil, Water
Performance Vacuum
Vacuum max 3100 mm VP 5bar - 3900 mm VP 7bar
Air consumption 750 l/min 5bar - 850 l/min 6bar - 1000 l/min 7bar
Pressure Max 7.0 bar
Sound level 79 dB at 7 bar
Miscellaneous Flash point above +55°C (class 3)