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Waste oil trolley with 1:1 pump for full barrels

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About the product

Compressed air-driven pump equipment for emptying liquid, e.g. waste oil. Through the included suction probes, you can, for example, suck engine oil from a car engine. The pump is equipped with special Viton seals that can withstand many liquids. Vacuum indicator makes it easy to adjust incoming compressed air for best capacity/suction ability. The cart is adapted for full barrels where the absorbed liquid ends up. It makes it possible to refill the container you emptied with the same liquid. May be relevant if you carried out a renovation or service of a tank or similar.

Product details
For Liquids Diesel, Waste oil, Oil, Glycol
Intended for Full barrel
Equipped with Carriage
Seals Viton®
Suction equipment Item no. 45560 & 45540
Capacity 1.5-2 l/min
Pressure ratio 1:1
Suction hose 2 m
Width 760 mm
Height 870 mm
Depth 670 mm
Weight 32.1 kg
Pressure Max 6.0 bar
Sound level 81 dB
Miscellaneous Carriage
Keyword 45180