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Point extraction Ø 160 mm arm 4 m

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About the product

The PRX is extremely easy to maneuver and at the same time very stable in position, even in the outer position of the arm. The suction device can be angled 90° in all directions, and the attachment to the wall has a 360° swivel function. The smooth inside of the suction channel makes the extraction very easy to clean.

The external location of the link joint gives approximately 50% lower pressure drop than internal link systems. The suction device is constructed entirely of sheet steel with a quick-connect system for accessories.

Unique on the market

PRX is equipped with hand knobs for adjusting friction joints. The knob is easy to adjust and provides great flexibility in the desired resistance. This makes PRX unique on the market today.

PRX benefits:

  • Easy to maneuver and very stable in position
  • Suction device constructed in sheet steel with quick-connect system for accessories
  • Fastening in cast aluminum with 360° swivel function
  • Hand knob for adjusting friction joints
  • External bearing joints = low pressure drop
  • Easy to clean
Product details
Hose length 4000 mm
Hose dimension 160 mm
Opening dimensions 330x290 mm
Weight 15 kg
Keyword FPRX4000160; FPRX4000160