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Pump equipment complete 1 l/stroke, more liquids


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A reliable pump for water, diesel and thinner oils. Adapted for 1/4 barrel or 1/1 barrel. Outlet hose length 2 m with pistol grip included. Telescopic suction tube 560-1016 mm, in polypropylene.

Product details
Model Pumping equipment
For Liquids Diesel, Oil, Water
Intended for 1/4-Barrel, Full Barrel
Capacity free outlet l/stroke 1.0 l/stroke (approx. 40 l/min)
Material pump body Steel, Stainless
Seals Viton®, EPDM
Outlet hose Ø 1" 25 mm
Connection thread int. R 1" BSPT
Pump pipe length 560-1016
Pump pipe Material Polypropylene
Miscellaneous Manual gun
Keyword GE6B

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