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Pump equipment for 20 liter bucket


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About the product

Pump with bracket for 16-20 liter standard bucket. The holder can be adapted within the Ø ranges 290 - 345 mm. The pump is specially adapted for thicker oils such as SAE 80/90 and the like. Length of straw is 450 mm. Capacity per stroke approx. 0.25 litres. 1.5 m 3/8" hose with angled outlet pipe included.

Product details
Model Gearbox filler
For Liquids Oil
Intended for 16-25 kg
Capacity free outlet l/stroke 0.25 l/stroke
Pump model Hand pump
Outlet hose 1.5 m
Miscellaneous 1.5 m 3/8" hose with angled outlet
Keyword COP-25G

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