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Pulsarlube V

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About the product

Pulsarlube V is an easily programmed automatic lubricator that is electrochemical and offers an informative LCD display, intended for lubrication points that do not have a higher back pressure than 5 bar. Pulsarlube V automatic grease lubricators work based on the proven technology of electrochemical reaction that generates inert nitrogen gas (N2) through the systematic use of an electrolyte and electrical energy. It is designed to help users easily set the dispensing speed using the microprocessor and LCD display. Pulsarlube V controls the electrolytic reaction for the best dispensing rate and dispenses a precise amount of grease at the set rate, suitable for most industrial applications. This product is an intrinsically safe product, certified as Ex ia llC T4 for use in hazardous areas.
Product details
For Liquids Fat
Model Automatic lubricator
Intended for Electrochemical Lubricator
Power source Gas powered
Equipped with PL2 Heavy Duty Grease
Volume container 125 ml
Work pressure 5.0 bar
Max distance one lubrication point 1 meter
Dispensing periods 1,2,3,6,12 months & Purge
Outlet ext. G 1/4" BSP
Working temperature -20˚C - +55˚C
Certification IECEx, ATEX, KCs, UL, CE, MSHA
IP class IP68
Miscellaneous From automatic: 150 mm, Extra cabling is available as an accessory.
Keyword V125/PL2; V125PL2
Trademark Pulsar lube