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Oil pump 230 Volt 30 l/min 3.5 bar

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About the product

Specially adapted for pumping oil and diesel. The pump has a specially designed puck that oscillates suction/push the media in front of it. The EA-35 is a useful pump for most engine and hydraulic oils. The pump can also be used together with relatively dirty oil because it is relatively insensitive to particles in the medium. The pump is self-priming (approx. 2 m). Built-in overflow valve. On/off switch included.

*Capacity is with an engine oil 10W/30 at +25°C

Product details
For Liquids Oil, Diesel
Model Puck pump
Power source Electric engine
Capacity free outlet l/min 30 litres/min
Viscosity Max 2-700 cSt
Voltage 230 V
Effect 850W
Power consumption 3.7-4.0 Amps
Cable length 2 m
Pressure Max 3.5 bar
Material pump body Aluminum
Equipped with By-pass valve
Operating cycle S2 - 30 min On/30 min Off
Hose connection Hose socket for 1" hose
Inlet int. G 3/4" BSP
Outlet int. G 3/4" BSP
Length 320 mm
Width 140 mm
Height 200 mm
Weight 10 kg
IP class IP55
Working temperature -25°C to +50°C
Keyword Diesel pumps; Oil pumps; EA35; E220; E2200; EA35