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Miljökärra Industri for 200 liter barrels

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About the product

Trolley with solid rubber tires. The barrel is on an environmental cart, which means that if a leak were to occur on the barrel, there would be no spillage on the floor or the ground. When there is no walled-off space where barrel trailers are normally parked at the end of the day, this is an excellent solution. Meets the authorities' requirements for embankment for the storage of environmentally hazardous liquids. Excellent for field service in contracting, mining service, ships and other sensitive environments.
Product details
Intended for Full barrel
Width 1150 mm
Height 770 mm
Depth 900 mm
Weight 45.9 kg
Max load -
Wheel 2 pcs Ø 200 mm
Pivot wheel 2 pcs Ø 150 mm
Keyword S29006; Carriage; Environmental cart; S29006