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Diaphragm pump 3/4" Husky/Graco

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About the product

Diaphragm pump with pressure ratio 1:1 for transfer of liquids compatible with the material in the pumps. High quality regarding components to ensure that they have a reliable function even under extreme conditions.

Product details
For Liquids Glycol, Oil, Waste oil, Washer fluid, Water
Model Diaphragm pump
Power source Compressed air
Ex Classification II2 GD c IIB T4 X (zone 1)
Pressure ratio 1:1
Capacity free outlet l/min 60 litres/min
Max particle size 2.5 mm
Suction height Dry Max 4.5 m
Suction Height Wet Max 7.6 m
Temperature Max 66°C
Work pressure 2.8-3.4 bar
Pressure Max 7.0 bar
Membrane BUNA-N
Material pump body Aluminum
Material wet parts Aluminum
Inlet int. NPT 3/4"
Outlet int. NPT 3/4"
Compressed air connection int. NPT 1/2"
Width 221 mm
Height 264 mm
Keyword Water pumps; 241906
Sound level 77 dB