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Electronic Mano-X type MGV

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Sensor for overfill protection and for electronic level monitoring.
The sensor's sensing element consists of a PTC-type thermistor. PTC = positive temperature coefficient, means that the thermistor, when an intrinsically safe current flows through it, increases its resistance at the same time as the temperature in the thermistor rises.
Since the thermistor can only reach its higher temperature when it is in air or gas, the amplifier, which is connected to the thermistor, can determine whether the thermistor is in air, gas or liquid.
The sensor is designed for use in the Ex-Zon.
Thermistor sensor with R1/2" connection in brass with integrated overfill protection contact for direct connection to tanker.
Length adjustment is easily performed through a flexible telescopic function, adjustment lengths type GOJ 125-170 mm.
The sensor is mainly intended for farm cisterns / farm tanks and can be used for outdoor cisterns containing petrol, diesel, heating oil-1 and kerosene.
The sensors are not suitable for use in ethanol or methanol.

Replaces Mano-X MGV 5633252

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For Liquids Kerosene, Diesel
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