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2-steel braided hydraulic hose Rock 2SC 1/2" 345bar

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About the product

Hose is sold per meter. Select appropriate hose connections under recommended accessories. Buy for Pressing/Assembly to get a complete hose with the hose connections you bought for. Press sleeves or hose clamps are included in the price.

High-pressure hose in compact design for mineral oils, synthetic ester-based oils, water/oil emulsions, water. Recommended for demanding high-pressure applications with small installation dimensions.

INNER TUBE: Oil-resistant synthetic rubber.
OUTER TUBE: Superior values ​​of ozone, UV, fire and abrasion resistance (Bastion)
REINFORCEMENT: Two braided steel wire inserts

Product details
Model Hose
For Liquids Diesel, Glycol, Oil, Water
Hose dimension 1/2" 13 mm
Hose type Hydraulic hose 2 steel
Standard EN857-2SC, ISO 11237-1
Work pressure 345 bar
Burst pressure bar 1380 bar
Working pressure area 201-400 bar
Working temperature -40⁰C - +100⁰C
Diameter in. 13 mm
Diameter ext. 20.7 mm
Bending radius etc 90
Weight 0.52 kg/m