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ALU/PP 1/2" 60l/min Mixing pump

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About the product

Diaphragm pumps with a pressure ratio of 1:1 for the transfer of liquids compatible with the material in the pumps.
The pump has double inputs, which means it can mix two liquids 50/50. Perfect pump when you want to mix washer fluid and water.

The pumps are made of die-cast aluminum and die-cast polypropylene, with high quality components to ensure reliable operation even under extreme conditions.

Supplied with double inlets and one outlet, option to drill outlet up so you get three outlets.

Product details
For Liquids Degreasing Alkaline, Water
More Liquids Glycol; Glycol water
Model Diaphragm pump
Power source Compressed air
Ex Classification IIB 3GD c TX (zone 2)
Pressure ratio 1:1
Capacity free outlet l/min 60 litres/min
Max particle size 1.5 mm
Suction height Dry Max 4.5 m
Suction Height Wet Max 7.5 m
Air consumption Max 0.5 m³/min
Temperature Max 65°C
Work pressure 2-6 bars
Pressure Max 8.0 bar
Membrane EPDM
Material pump body Aluminum
Seals Polypropylene
Ball Acetal
Material wet parts Polypropylene
Inlet int. G 3/4" BSP, G 3/4" BSP
Outlet int. G 1/2" BSP
Compressed air connection int. G 3/8" BSP
Width 220 mm
Height 327 mm
Weight 5.7 kg
Miscellaneous Double inlets
Keyword Water pumps; 2B816117EA1; 2B8/16117EA5
Trademark Raasm
Sound level 75 dB